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Monday, June 27th, 2016

We are really coming along on our new addition. We have the archway into the new part finished. We have moved one fabric shelf to make a place for the archway. Then we decided to add two more fabric fixtures. In the process we have rearranged almost all of the store.

The carpeting for the new part is supposed to be laid on Wednesday.

Ann hopes to have classes in the new classroom by Thursday. I think we will love the new drop down electric units (the plugs are on rollers in the ceiling.) The wall of windows give lots of natural light. We can always close the shades if we need to.

We will have a row of shelves against one wall which will have sale fabric (room for 100-200 more sale bolts).

Stop in to check out our new classroom and rearrangement.


Monday, June 20th, 2016

The Row by Row Experience starts tomorrow June 21st. We have our free row pattern ready. The theme this year is “Home Sweet Home”. We wanted a pieced block rather than appliqued. We chose Log Cabin Blocks. When this area was settled in the 1820-1830′s, log cabins could quickly be built using all the local forests. My husband’s family settled near Leslie in 1837. They had a log cabin on the hill by our house. In 1850 they moved from the log cabin to the house in which my husband and I live. It was also built using the trees on our land. It has large logs for the beams under the house. I counted seven kinds of wood used in the parlor before I gave up and added paint to the 13 colors of paint already on the woodwork.

We have a second row which is just for fun. It has four outhouses. Outhouses were part of every home until the 1900′s. My house has an outhouse attached to the wood storage, so you didn’t have to go outside in bad weather to get to the outhouse. When my mother-in-law lived here she made the wood storage and outhouse area into a family room. She tore down the stone smokehouse and made a huge fireplace out of the stones. Our family has always enjoyed this remade outhouse.

My mother-in-law collected antiques and loved purple. She painted two outhouses purple and put them in her front yard. It made it easy for strangers to find her house.