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Friday, September 9th, 2016

Today we wanted to share some Quilting Tips with you…

1. Quilting a quilt: Evenly cover the whole quilt – the unquilted area should not be larger than a clenched fist.

2. When marking quilting lines or a quilt top, you don’t have to mark the entire line. You can use dots and dashes, your eye will fill in the rest.

3. If you are prewashing fabric, clip the corners. This will prevent fraying. In addition, you can easily tell which fabrics you have washed.

4. Test your 1/4″ to make sure your blocks will match each other.

5. Be sure to set your stitch length at 2.0 in order to get secure stitches.

6. Crossgrain of the fabric (from selvage to selvage) has some stretch. Lengthwise grain (parallel with the selvage) has very little stretch.